Ocean Optics Spectrometer

Fluorescence Spectrometer


Excitation and emission.

Electrochemical Analyzer 

CH instruments

CV, amperometry, chronoamperometry, DPV, etc. 

Thermoluminescence Spectrometer

Ocean Optics and lab-made thermoluminescence set-up

For characterizing the thermal quenching properties of luminescent materials.

Nitrogen Physisorption Isothermal Analyzer

ASAP 2020, Micrometics, USA

For studying the surface area and porosity of powder samples.

Tubular Furnace

Reduced atmosphere or vacuum or innert atmosphere can be maintained.

Temperature: 1400 degC

Box Furnace

Temperature: 1200 degC

Reduced atm. Tubular Furnace

Temperature: 1400 degC

Low temperature Ultracentrifuge 

Electrode Polisher

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer

JEOL 600 MHz, equipped with AUTO-MAS solid probe and solution probe.